Weeks of Contribution- WebExtension Session4

October 1, 2017

Date : 2nd August 2017

Time: 8:30 - 9:30

IRC channel: #MozillaTN

This is our first series of the WebExtension webseries. The main agenda of the program is to get started with Mozilla community and discuss the syllabus we will be learning in this series.

In our previous session we get started learning what are Browser Extension. What is so important of it and how it is going to keep web safe and help developers to maintain code easier. You can learn by checking my previous blog.

In the fourth session we are going to learn basics of tabs API, lot of extensions can be done by learning Tabs API


Learn about basic Tabs API

  • Firefox internal like how Close button works
  • Firefox internal like how Reload button works
  • Firefox internal like how Tab is updating with new URL

Some of the questions asked by contributors during the session.

I have one doubt in last session. After restarting our browser extension didn’t work in Nightly but it work perfectly with chrome? by Barani In nightly we have installed in Debug mode, so it will be there only till the browser is active.

You can get started with Tabs API from the following video.

All the code samples discussed in the above video is available in the github, previously we have discussed about Tab.Close API in one of our blog post.

Google drive PDF Link


Name / Twitter handle / Github profile

  • Fahima Zulfath A/ @FahimaZulfath
  • Karthikeyan Sethumadhavan /@im_karthimadav7
  • Baranitharan / @baranicool
  • Viswaprasath / @iamvp7
  • Shivakumaar MGS/ @shivakumaarmgs
  • Balaji / @balaji2198

Etherpad of the session. Link is here

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